Converts 15+ Years of Our Experience into Your Revenue Increase Converts 15+ Years of Our Experience into Your Revenue Increase
Engineering Business Continuity & Resilience in the Digital Age
Engineering BusinessContinuity Resiliencein the Digital Age

Data Analytics to Increase Your Company Revenue

We design and deploy Digital Analytical System specifically for your company to help you find out exactly what your customers want without asking them, to increase your company revenue and achieve greater customer loyalty

Customer and product usage analytics is indispesible source of information on correlations, patterns and trends in customer purchasing behavior and products usage, to predict customer future needs in the products and their likely behaviour, and discover how the products should be changed to retain existing customers and attract new ones.


Using the results of this analysis, companies are now able to accurately predict the contents of a customer’s shopping basket and can apply targeted marketing appropriately. Data analytics is also valuable asset used by companies to make operational decisions such as where to open a new branch, what products to stock and what discounts to offer, all for the good of the customer and the revenues of the company. deploys Digital Analytical System, we specifically design for your business purposes, which continually collects and analyses your customer and product usage data to help your company find out exactly what your customers want (without asking them!) to increase your revenue and to achieve greater customer loyalty.


We convert 15+ Years of experience of our certified IT service professionals and data scientists, software engineers, analytical IT solutions experts and CRM-ERP specialists to build your Digital Analytical System from ground up, OR  integrate your company's digital assets with relevant analytical IT software and solutions, be it in cloud or on your site. 


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Research of Your Target Audience Preferences

We conduct on-demand research of your target audience preferences to enable your company offer the exact product features your target audience needs

The payoff from research (mining) of global or local data, and data intelligence is no longer in doubt. Broad research confirms that when organizations integrate data and analytics into their operations, they can deliver increased productivity and 5% profit gains that are higher than those of their competition.


Research of target audience preferences from ComplexIT is a technology-enabled know-how for gaining richer, deeper, and more accurate insights into your customer preferences and business/production operations.


We conduct in-depth analysis of a steady stream of real-time data to enable your company make time-sensitive decisions faster, monitor emerging trends, and rapidly adjust the business to take advantage of new business opportunities.


When harnessed, we help your company to leverage advanced tools for Big Data Intelligence, proven techniques, and cloud based technologies that ultimately provide greater competitive advantage for your company by deriving insight from complex and large data sets related to your target audience.


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