Engineering Business Continuity & Resilience in the Digital Age
Engineering BusinessContinuity Resiliencein the Digital Age

Use Big Data to Make Competition Irrelevant

Most of the tools offered on the market to work with Big Data are complex and sophisticated. The majority of companies lack in-house expertise to manage and analyse big data, thus, they cannot take advantage of intelligent data and contemporary business marketing to predict customer needs sooner, improve operations, identify fraud or discover new strategies | products | services. 


According to a recent survey conducted by IDG Research, the lack of in-house skills and difficulties in making Big Data available to end-users are the biggest challenges of today.


Working together with your in-house teams, our PhD grade data scientists can help you easily and effectively understand and analyse Big Data to make your competition irrelevant.

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Big Data and customer data intelligence management is the future of a customer company

The payoff from using the big-data and data intelligence management is no longer in doubt. Broad research confirms that when organizations integrate data and analytics into their operations, they can deliver increased productivity and 5% profit gains that are higher than those of their competition.


Big data analytics services from ComplexIT is a technology-enabled know-how for gaining richer, deeper, and more accurate insights into your customers, partners, and business operations. By enabling the processing of a steady stream of real-time or static data, organizations can make time-sensitive decisions faster, monitor emerging trends, and rapidly adjust the business to take advantage of new business opportunities. When harnessed, the leveraging of advanced tools, proven techniques, and cloud based technologies ultimately provide competitive advantage and increased agility by deriving insight from complex and large data sets.


But it is not easy to get from here to there, if there is no plan, since the required investment, measured both in money and management commitment, can be large. CEO’s stress the need to increase revenue and profits, and the CIO, this requires a total revamping of data architectures and applications. And when combined with vendor solutions, powerful black-box approaches enable the proactive analysis of unstructured data for those in search of cause-and-effect relationships. Business managers gain insight in knowing upfront, the payoff from any investments well in advance of deployment of a new product, service or customer program. ComplexIT accelerates the speed to value for Big Data needs.


How can ComplexIT assist your enterprise? Our Big Data Plan will include the design, development, and implement using the logical path for complex big data, and analytics. We identify the relevant tools needed, and assemble the exact people resources necessary to create business value. The power of this plan is that it provides a common understanding allowing senior executives, technology professionals, data scientists, and managers to discuss where the greatest returns will come from and, more importantly, to select the optimal places your organization gain quickly achieve results.


We employ cost–effective big data technologies to help collect, store, compute, and collaborate around complex data sets of all sizes. Our services platform utilizes a managed Hadoop service, and Elastic MapReduce that when combined with powerful Intel Xeon processor E5 technology delivers more efficient, and scalable analytics.


Big Data intelligence and visualization: getting your data down to what's really needed

Big data investments are worthwhile only when people can analyse and visualize the information that the analysis produces.


What data intelligence and visualization platform to use to harvest maximum opportunities at acceptable cost and minimum risk for ongoing business?


IBM InfoSphere BigInsights + PureData System for Analytics + InfoSphere Data Discovery? that brings the power of Hadoop to the enterprise to manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data, has one of the most comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) offerings, which combines software, hardware and services


HP AppSystem for Apache Hadoop ? - an enterprise ready, factory-assembled, rack-based cluster solution that arrives pre-configured and ready to run on day one. This pre-integrated, fully optimized solution reduces the complexity of deploying and configuring Hadoop clusters. And that means you would get the fastest time-to-value for you.

Cloudera Big Data Platform inluding Hadoop (CDH) ? - the most complete, tested, and widely deployed distribution of Apache Hadoop. CDH is 100% open source and, according Cloudera’s website, it is the only Hadoop solution to offer batch processing, interactive SQL and interactive search, as well as enterprise-grade continuous availability. It is the best solution for those who want to create its own Enterprise Application System for Big Data Intelligence, like IBM and HP.


Information Builders ? that is  best known for its large-scale BI deployments, that offers advanced data analytics for business users through its WebFOCUS platform


Microsoft ? that is building on the BI functionality in Excel, SharePoint and SQLServer with the PowerPivot and Power View in-memory data analysis and discovery engine


MicroStrategy ? which specializes in enterprise BI deployments running on large enterprise data warehouses, offers the capability to visually explore data and generate insights using its Visual Insight tool


The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) ? that features an enterprise-grade ROLAP engine with heterogeneous data sourcing capabilities


QlikTech's QliKView ? that only specializes in discovery and exploration capabilities, making it an excellent complementary technology to advanced data visualization platforms like SAP and IBM


SAP ? that is seeking to take the lead when it comes to performance on big data advanced data visualization, using a combination of SAP BusinessObjects Eplorer, Visual Intelligence and the SAP HANA in-memory appliance


SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence ? that is ususally a common choice for many organizations seeking to solve complex business problems, especially ones that require advanced analytics on large, unstructured data sources


Tableau Software ? that got top or near top marks for ease of use, functionality, product quality, product performance, support, customer relationship, success, achievement of business benefits, being an excellent complementary technology for advanced data visualization


Tibco Spotfire Analytics ? that like QlikTech and Tableau,  is a complementary technology to broader BI platforms from other vendors adding discovery and exploration capabilities doe to advanced data visualization


This is the question can answer after indepth analysis of your strategic goals, ongoing business processes, infrastructure and data.


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