Engineering Business Continuity & Resilience in the Digital Age
Engineering BusinessContinuity Resiliencein the Digital Age

Smart Apps for Complex Business Processes

We develop custom smart applications where people are an inherent and desired part of the process, and your business becomes a customer company 

In the age of globalized competition and mass social networks, there is an increasingly growing demand for more personalized attention to customer needs.  Our services enable you to implement evolutionary new approaches that leverage the advantages of desktop, tablet and/or mobile custom apps for complex business processes.


We develop custom smart applications where people (employees and customers) are an inherent and desired part of the process or activity. The personalized content, sequence of human-based activities or processes are designed according to your company BYOD policy. The status of a given participant of a process and other criteria can be better defined using technology that streamlines the required process. For example an application could be integrated with marketing | sales | project management or manufacturing automation such sales forecasting accurately identifies productions needs such that supplier order cycles can be proactively managed. The result: Employees and the customers become more effective and productive participants in your business processes; the outcome, your company becomes both a mobile enterprise and a customer company.


The growth of use of mobile devices and increasing acceptance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in enterprise environments are creating new security challenges for organizations. Security attacks against mobile devices are expected to increase, now that these devices are storing and transmitting valuable business and financial data. Instead of buying third party mobile apps, we advise our clients to create the library of their own corporate smart applications and install Secure Enterprise Content Mobility systems to lower risk of business processes disruption in the future, caused by security issues.



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Custom Apps to Meet Complex IT Requirements

We always design your apps with your target audience in mind to enable achieving maximum lead-customer conversion rate

We develop custom mobile, tablet or desktop business apps using modular and simple business-focused components designed with the end user and security requirements in mind. These deliver the exact information on a given size of screen to provide the required web services in the context of the requirements and permissions of the desktop or tablet or smartphone user.


When developing the apps, employs a systematic approach using the solutions that enable seamless use of our local management team, local Ph.D. grade and ITIL certified professionals that are being complemented by our 300+ global software development and engineering personnel located in the fastest growing centers for software application development excellence.  This approach guarantees required quality of the apps, reduces the overall app development time, while minimizes IT development costs.


Assume, you want to develop an app for your business and you experience dilemma what screen sizes for to develop your apps in the first place, to achieve maximum lead-customer conversion rate on the target market.


You can count on help of our experts to solve the dilemma and to develop right apps for your brand.




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