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Engineering Business Continuity & Resilience in the Digital Age
Engineering BusinessContinuity Resiliencein the Digital Age

Production Process Automation | Internet of Things

Are you considering to automate your production process to deliver lower cost products that amaze your customers?


Would you like to offer custom ordered products online and automate the manufacturing process? The intended result... an ultimate customer experience with zero inventory cost.


What if you could remove the language barrier or manual change when packaging and shipping orders to your customers?


What would be the impact if you could move production closer to your customers and proactively manage processes from your head office?


Would you be interested in improving employee productivity and improve collaboration?


If you answered YES to anyone of these questions, then a smart production system is what you need most.
When you need to think smarter and not work harder, consider Industry 4.0, an evolutionary approach that is revolutionizing industries across the globe.



"Industry is on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Driven by the Internet, the real and virtual worlds are growing closer and closer together to form the Internet of Things. Industrial production of the future will be characterized by the strong individualization of products under the conditions of highly flexible (large series) production, the extensive integration of customers and business partners in business and value-added processes, and the linking of production and high-quality services leading to so-called hybrid products. German industry now has the opportunity to actively shape the fourth industrial revolution. We want to support this process with the "Industry 4.0" forward-looking project." - Source: The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany.


As introduced at CEBIT 2013, Industry 4.0 is an advanced paradigm shift that changes the entire global value chain: communication, planning, production, logistics and consumption.  This new model paves the way for the 4th technological and, consequently social revolution that will significantly impact the global industrial landscape. is a smart Industry 4.0 supplier. 


Our advisory services program helps Ontario companies answer the call for industry to adapt, transform and embrace I4.0. We help manufacturers to solve complex IT problems and answer the questions like ones below.


• What would be the optimal smart production system for my business?
• What must we do to transition to a smart production system without disruption of our ongoing production process?
• How can we best provide better conditions for our valued employees in the factory?
• What really is Big Data and how should we handle big data? And what do we really need to help us make better decisions?
• How do we connect, and synchronize our multiple factories, and supplier ecosystem?
• How can we safely share data in any network and protect our IP?
• How can we enable seamless interaction of software, sensors and RFID technology?
• How can we decide on the most appropriate self-aware-products and effectively communicating with its context?
• How can we take advantage of the new potential of mobile and tablet devices?
• What are the data security requirements we should have in our environment?
• What impact would a smart production system have on a factory design and construction?

• Which of the existing ERP systems is the best fit for our manufacturing process?


Do you want to know answers on the questions above and go forward with your production process automation on the basis of Industry 4.0 paradigm?

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