Engineering Business Continuity & Resilience in the Digital Age
Engineering BusinessContinuity Resiliencein the Digital Age

Consulting on Mitigation the Risks Associated with Complex IT Projects

Based on our global research, we developed the methodology of IT systems simplification and risk mitigation in complex IT projects that seamlessly complement  existing major methodologies in enterprise architecture

As part of our consulting work, when providing services, we offer our customers the methodology of IT system simplification and risk mitigation in complex IT projects that is based on mathematical models and that uses mathematical rules to create verifiably optimal architectures.


This is based on results of our latest research of the failures in complex IT projects and applying of probability theory, set theory, and equivalence relations; it brings rigor and a formal discipline to pre-designing IT systems to reduce project and system complexity on pre-designing phase.


The methodology focuses on the issues of controlling complexity in a structured manner that seamlessly complements the entire project architecture, and is not intended to replace any of the four major methodologies in enterprise architecture which are:

  • Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), 
  • Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architectures,
  • Gartner Methodology,
  • Open Group’s Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

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Do you think that your new or current IT project is too complex and has high risk of failure? We can help to simplify it to reduce the risk of its failure? Contact Us to get professional consulting support.

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Consulting on Digital Business Strategy Planning and Implementation

As a end-to-end service IT consulting firm, offers IT strategy advice, methodology and technology solutions to ENABLE companies to engage with their target buyer audiences, existing customers and internal employees to increase revenue

ComplexIT experts offer Digital Business Strategy Planning services for the companies, who have desided to take advantage of web technologies and Internet of Things, to effectively engage with their target audience and achieve competitive advantage on target market.


We believe that nowadays digital strategy planning is critically important for success in the target market, to take full advantage of the opportunities the market opens. helps companies to anticipate and prepare for the future at all levels: corporate level, business unit level and team level.


 When providing the consulting support, we leverage our competencies and experience, professional expertise, by applying latest technology solutions and approaches available on the market.


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