Designs E-commerce Solutions With Buyer in Mind Designs E-commerce Solutions With Buyer in Mind
Engineering Business Continuity & Resilience in the Digital Age
Engineering BusinessContinuity Resiliencein the Digital Age

E-commerce Website Development

We Add Missing $$$ Pieces to Your Finance Puzzle

We provide our customers with turn-key e-commerce website | apps development and integration services, including (but not limited)

  • research and registration competitive domain name(s) for your business,
  • e-commerce website responsive design and architecture development,
  • connecting your e-commerce website to required payment systems,
  • secure integration of your e-commerce website with your business process,
  • e-commerce marketing and competition analysis,
  • consulting on e-commerce strategy design / re-design and its implementation business-wide

to improve your business competitiveness on target market and unlock the new business growth opportunities, which your competition is not in a position to take advantage of, because of flawed technology solutions they use.


When you need ecommerce site for sale with embedded marketing automation, is the right team to come to get things done, including professional support and training. 

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E-commerce Marketing Services

Right E-commerce Marketing Makes Happy Both Website Owner and Customers

We help ecommerce website owners to

  • develop and implement e-commerce marketing plan and improve efficiency of their current e-commerce websites,
  • plan and implement ecommerce email marketing campaigns to achieve loyalty of current customers,
  • adjust their e-commerce websites to wide variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks and large screens

to stand out of competition and boost sales.


As e-commerce technology continues at a rapid pace, nowadays e-commerce stores harness new techniques and digital assets to make online selling and online shopping a lot more efficient and fun. In todays digital world, where millions of e-commerce websites compete with each other, we make it much easier for our clients to stand out from the crowd with proper research of target buyer preferences and professional ecommerce marketing to effectively promote your products and services. We plan together with clients and deliver ecommerce email marketing campaigns to achieve loyalty of their current customers.


Remarkable contents of and customer experience on your e-commerce website are critically important to drive potential buyers to your e-commerce website, and convert them into leads and customers.


We know how to make your products and services visible on mobile devices and computers of most relevant buyer audience.


Get professional e-commerce marketing services to effectively promote your products and services in novadays digital world. Contact us

E-commerce Data Analysis

We conduct ondemand e-commerce data analysis and help businesses to  improve quality of their digital sales channels and to discover new sales opportunities

Our data experts conduct OnDemand analysis of e-commerce website data and provide website owner with report on their findings regarding gaps and sales improvement opportunities. Based on the report ecommerce business could make informed decisions and design right e-commerce development strategy for the future.


We also conduct OnDemand analysis of competitor’s e-commerce websites to provide your business with insight of how it would be possible to outperform your competitors and boost your sales. 

 Contact us to get professional analytical support in designing and implementation of competitive e-commerce strategy.  

E-commerce Website and CRM | ERP Integration

Start Building Relationships With Your Leads and Customers Immediatelly

It is no secret, customers are a business's greatest asset and it costs much less to retain a current customer than it does to acquire a new one. Our ecommerce website CRM | ERP integration services help your businesses maintain and improve the vitality of your lead and customer relationships, create exceptional customer experience to drive more sales, sustainability, and growth, that is not easy in today's digital world.


The digital business processes we unlock during ecommerce website and CRM | ERP integration will help your business start nurturing your leads and manage relationships with current customers immediately, using latest techniques and solutions, to achieve long-term customer loyalty.


We provide right right digital tools to dig deeper and identify proven tactics for strengthening the health and depth of your company business relationships, and CRM | ERP integration with your ecommerce website is critically important for this purpose too.

 Contact us to unlock the power of customer relationship management solutions, we provide, to achieve your brand recognition and boost your sales.  

Integrated E-commerce Solutions for Business Cooperation

IBC Digital Bridge Platform: Implements New Secure Web Services for Facilitating International Business and Technical Cooperation Programs on the Basis of Public-Private Partnerships

We designed and developed integrated IBC Digital Bridge Platform - a complex multiple-screen-size IT solution for International Business Cooperation Initiatives Management that is based on our BCCI (Business Cooperation Continual Improvement)-methodology, with integrated
  • Smart Cooperation Initiative Forms that are designed in compliance with the BCCI-methodology and render information based on membership or other user privileges; 
  • User Registration for paid events;
  • Integrated video-conferencing, video chat, video-streaming and VoIP communication (browser-phone & browser-browser)
  • E-mail and SMS marketing capability;
  • Content (unlimited types of content) & User Access Management, Organic Groups, Social Login and Social Share capability; 
  • Alchemi Content Analyzer, Content Optimizer and Readability Tester for content; 
  • Integrated E-commrece system (unlimited types of products, compatible with Canada tax system), Payment Gateways supported: Moneris, PayPal, American Express;
  • Embeddabe media: Images, Video, Audio, Documents, Slideshows, YouTube, Vimeo; 
  • Rules, Workflow, User Device and IP Geolocation Views&Maps capability;
  • Context sensitive responsive content pannels being rendered on multiple screen sizes, content may differ depending on user permissions and other conditions;
  • Built-in Associattive CRM and Project Management Applications; 
  • Many other user experience-improving features like dynamic menu with embedded content objects, etc.

The IBC Platform has integration with Hubspot Marketing Platform, Vtiger CRM, Sugar CRM, Maps, Mailchimp and Mandrill, Google Analytics and AdWords, and optional integration with SalesForce and Sugar CRM. Now we are working on deployment of the IBC Platform for IBC Bridge Canada Inc.

 Contact us to find out how the IBC Digital Bridge Platform can unlock new opportunities for effective planning and delivery of your  International Business and Technical Cooperation Programs on the Basis of Public-Private Partnerships.  



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